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MobileNation Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Who We Are

  • What makes MobileNation Different?

    MobileNation vs. The Competition

    With our high-speed nationwide network, company owned stores across Tennessee and Kentucky and the latest phones from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and more - we offer everything the other guys offer. But that's where the similarities end.

    MobileNation plans give you MORE minutes, MORE data, MORE features, and keep A LOT MORE money in your wallet every month.

    MobileNation FREE Member Benefits
    MobileNation offers Members fantastic savings and special offers at the leading car rental companies, hotels chains, movies, concerts, sporting events, and restaurants. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Account Management

How do I make changes to my account?

  • How do I transfer billing responsibility to another person?

    Life is full of changes, like when your son or daughter goes off to college and is ready to take over the financial responsibility for a wireless account. We make it simple for you to transfer billing for a single line, or for all of the lines on your account. This is called a Transfer of Billing Responsibility. Here's how it works:

    The billing responsibility for your account (phone/device and service) is placed in the new owner's name, using their credit information.
    The new owner assumes responsibility for the account, monthly bill and contract.
    Your upgrade eligibility transfers so the new owner can enjoy your upgrade benefits.

    You will need to contact Member support to transfer billing responsibility. 

  • How do calling plan changes affect my monthly statement?

    Calling plan or feature changes in the middle of a billing cycle (billing cycle is the period of time between billings) will cause prorations. Proration is the cost for the new plan from the date the change is made and credits for the old plan from the date it was changed.

  • How do I change my billing cycle?

    What you should know before you change your billing cycle, please be aware that:

       - Your billing cycle cannot be changed during the five days before or after the close of your current cycle.
       - Your billing cycle cannot be changed if your account is in a delinquent status, or if the account will fall delinquent before the requested change date.
       - If you have a payment arrangement set up, the payment arrangement must be made before the billing cycle is changed.
       - If you have Autopay, you may see two Autopay drafts in one month due to the billing cycle change.
       - When a billing cycle change is made, prorated charges will occur.

    You will need to Contact MobileNation Member Support to change your bill cycle. 

  • How to cancel or remove a line from an account?

    There may be occasions when you want to remove a line from your account or cancel your wireless service. If you'd like to make an account change, we're happy to help. To remove a line or cancel service, you will need to Contact MobileNation Member Support

    If you need to cancel your Service Commitment before the contract end date, an Early Termination Fee (ETF) will apply. Each wireless device on a group plan has its own Service Commitment, so you'll need to pay an Early Termination Fee for that wireless device.

    If you activated on a contract plan within the last 30 days, see the MobileNation Wireless Return Policy to find out how to cancel your service, return a device, or to learn more about our no-hassle return or exchange process.

  • Who can make changes to my MobileNation account?

    The only people who can make changes to an account are the Account Holder and the Authorized User. The Authorized User is someone the Account Holder has designated as the user of a particular mobile number on the account. An Authorized User has limited account access and must be able to identify specific account information in order to make changes. There are certain actions the Authorized User can take on their own, and then there are other actions that the Account Holder must grant permission for the Authorized User to perform.

    Responsible Party/Account Holder: Person(s) who signed the contractual agreements initially for service and is contractually liable.
    A Responsible Party/Account Holder can:
    - Sign contractual agreements/renew agreements/extensions.
    - Make plan and feature changes.
    - Make inquiries regarding account balances.
    - Make equipment changes.
    - Receive assistance with voicemail issues including resetting passwords.
    - Sign renewal agreements.
    - Request and receive detailed billing and call reports.
    - Gain assistance with online billing reports.
    - Authorize suspensions/unsuspensions on account.
    - Authorize disconnects and initiate port requests.
    - Request a number change request.
    - Make address change.

    Authorized User: Person(s) authorized by Responsible Party/Account Holder to perform the following at any time until authorization is revoked, or person(s) given contemporaneous, verbal authorization by Responsible Party/Account Holder to perform the following on a one-time basis:
    - Make plan and feature changes that do not require contract changes.
    - Make inquiries regarding account balances and usage.
    - Receive assistance with equipment issues.
    - Receive assistance with voicemail issues up to and including having the voicemail pass codes reset.

    Authorized Users cannot perform the following:
    - Sign contractual agreements/renewal agreements/extensions.
    - Sign renewal agreements.
    - Request and receive detailed billing and call reports.
    - Gain assistance with online billing reports.
    - Authorize unsuspensions on account.
    - Authorize disconnects and initiate port requests.
    - Authorize number change request.

    Verification of identity will be required for all account transactions. Depending on the transaction being performed, the requester may be required to provide a picture ID and know the following information about the Account Holder: Last 4 digits of the account holder's Social Security Number, billing address, date of birth, and password on account.

Contract Information

  • How do I view my wireless contract end date?

    Knowing your contract end date can mean the difference between an Early Termination Fee (ETF) and no ETF. It can also mean great discounted prices when you renew your contract or you may choose the freedom of no contract.

    Each line on your account has its own contract. You can easily look at the paperwork you received when you starting your service to see when your contract period is up. 

    Or, simply Contact MobileNation Member Support and they can help you.

  • Is there an early termination fee?

    An Early Termination Fee (ETF) applies if you end your service commitment before the contract end date. We won't charge you this fee if you cancel service within 30 days of activating a contract plan. For more information, visit MobileNation's Terms and Conditions.
    Each wireless device on a MobileNation contract plan has its own service commitment and associated ETF. If you remove a line from your account before the contract end date, you'll pay an ETF for that wireless device.

    If you'd like to cancel your Wireless service or remove a line from your account, please contact us by calling 611 from your MobileNation wireless phone or call 877-732-2147.


How to Suspend or Reinstate your service

  • How do I suspend or reactivate my wireless service?

    There are times when you may want to temporarily suspend your service to stop all usage on your device. Suspension disables all services except for 911 emergency calls and 611 calls to Member Service. With a few simple steps, you can suspend service to any device on your account and reactivate it when you're ready.

    To do so, you will need to Contact MobileNation Member Support.

  • How do I cancel my wireless service due to military deployment?

    MobileNation recognizes the sacrifice of military members and their families. If you are deployed or transferred outside of MobileNation's coverage area for 90 days or longer, your service may be eligible for military cancellation under the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA). MobileNation provides this service free of charge to eligible military personnel and family members.

    Please Contact MobileNation Member Support To request service suspension.

Referral Credits

  • What are referral rewards?

    For every friend you refer, you'll receive up to a $10 credit. Just make sure to have your friends give your full name and MobileNation phone number when they become a MobileNation member. You can also print coupons that you can give to your family and friends.

    A $10 credit will be given for any member that refers a new activation. Credits will be posted 30 days after the new member has been active. Start getting unlimited credits today!


MobileNation Wireless Network

Are there roaming charges?

  • Why is my phone's roaming indicator on?

    The roaming indicator is a function that relays when you are on one of our partner networks. Unlike other carriers, this is only an indicator at MobileNation and you will not receive any roaming charges.

Keeping Your Phone Number

Transfer Your Number to MobileNation

  • How do I keep my number?

    MobileNation is committed to delivering wireless phone service in an honest and straightforward manner. Our honest and straightforward approach is exactly what you will get when it comes to Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP), which is the ability to bring your phone number (also known as "porting") with you when you change your service to MobileNation. 

    Please keep the following in mind:
    - Don't cancel your current service, when your request goes through, your service with your old provider will be canceled automatically.
    - If you are under contract with your current provider when you decide to move your number to MobileNation, you will be liable for any early termination fees that may be applied to your account from your current provider. 
    - Have your account information handy. Having your current provider's account number can make the request go more smoothly.
    - You can keep not only your wireless phone number, you can also keep a landline telephone number when you change to MobileNation.
    - Unfortunately, only local numbers can be ported. You cannot move your current number to a different area code if you are moving out of your current area.

  • How long does it take to transfer a number?

    Generally, the industry standard is 2.5 hours for a wireless carrier-to-wireless carrier port, and five business days for a simple landline-to-wireless carrier port. Keep in mind these times may vary depending on certain factors.

  • How much does it cost to transfer my number?

    Unlike other carriers, there is no charge for transferring your current phone number to MobileNation. 

Plans & Services

Calling Plans and Features

MobileNation Contract Member Plans
MobileNation No Contract Member Plans
Wireless Internet Access/Data Related Questions
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

    You can share your MobileNation mobile broadband connection with other devices. Laptops, music devices, tablets, and e-readers connect to mobile hotspots like they do other Wi-Fi services.  To connect other devices over Wi-Fi, you will need to provide the mobile hotspot network name and password that can be found in the configuration menu of the mobile hotspot feature on your smartphone.

  • Are there restrictions to the data use with my Unlimited Data?

    The use of tethering equipment to a mobile computing device and/or the use of WIFI mobile hotspot included on some mobile phones is restricted by calling plan. All current MobileNation Unlimited Everything Plans include FREE tethering and hotspot. Current members can upgrade to a plan that includes this feature by visiting a store or calling 611 from their MobileNation phone. Please see MobileNation Terms and Conditions for complete details.

  • Is there a data usage cap on the Unlimited Data?

    At MobileNation, data caps are daily not monthly and are dependent on your plan. If daily high-speed data thresholds are reached, data speeds will be reduced to as low as 128KBPS until the following morning.

Plan Features
  • Basic Voicemail

    How much does Basic voicemail cost? 
    Basic Voice Mail is free and it’s automatically included with your plan. You just need to set it up when you activate your service.

    How do I set up my voicemail?

    To set up your voicemail using your phone: 

    From your wireless phone, dial your 10-digit wireless number. Members will be asked for a password to enter the voicemail system. By default the password is the member’s phone number without the area code.


  • International Texting

    Can I text to International Numbers?

    Most MobileNation Plans include Unlimited International Text Messaging. Click here to see a list of the countries that are included within Unlimited International Text Messaging.

    How can I make international calls? 

    At MobileNation, we strive to save our members the most money possible. That is why when you need to call to or from an international location, we suggest that you use Google Voice. To use Google Voice, outside of the U.S., you will need a MobileNation Android phone and have access to an internet Wi-Fi signal (normally available at hotels and resorts). You will also need to download the Google Voice App from your MobileNation Android Phone. 
    Click here to learn more about Google Voice.

  • AppleCare+

    AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. 

    You can only buy AppleCare+ within 30 days of your iPhone purchase. See a MobileNation location for details. 

  • 3-Way Calling

    What is 3-Way Calling?
    With 3-Way Calling you can talk with two people at the same time with a three-way conversation on your mobile phone.

    How do I set up 3-Way Calling?
    To initiate 3-Way Calling:
    While on the first call, dial the 10-digit number of the second person. Press the Call button. The first person is automatically put on hold while the call is made. When the second person answers, press the Call button to create a 3-Way Call. If the second person doesn't answer, press the Call button twice to end the connection and go back to the first person. To end both conversations completely, hang up. 

    Can I turn a call waiting call into a 3-Way Call?
    No, but you do have the option to speak to the second caller by pressing the Call button. To return to the first call, press the Call button again. To switch between the two calls, press the Call button.

    What happens if someone calls while I'm on a 3-Way Call?
    If someone tries to call you while a 3-Way call is in progress, the caller will either hear a busy signal or be forwarded to your voicemail. If you have activated call forwarding, the call will be forwarded immediately.

    While on a 3-Way call, how do you release one call and continue with the other?
    To disconnect one or both parties, ask them to hang up.

  • Detailed Billing

    We provide your voice, messaging and data usage details online 24/7 for up to 12 billing statements. You can receive your usage details (dates, times, to/from, etc.) with your mailed bill for $1.99 per month. Call 611 from your MobileNation wireless phone to add detailed billing to your account. 

  • Phone Protection

    You never know when something can happen to your phone. Lost, stolen, damaged - with Phone Protection you're covered.

  • Visual Voicemail

    How do I sign up for Android Visual Voicemail?

    You can add the feature through the Google Play Store by searching for MobileNation or click here


    Not all phones are compatible with Visual Voicemail.

  • What features are included for free?

    All MobileNation Calling plans include the following Features

    voicemail, caller id, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding.

    Auto Bill Payment
    Auto Bill Pay is a free, easy, convenient, and secure way to pay your MobileNation bill. It automatically transfers funds from your checking/savings account or debit/credit card each month to pay your MobileNation bill. Simplify your life by never mailing a payment again. Call 611 from your MobileNation phone or see a store to sign up for Auto Bill Pay. 

    Android Smartphone Free Features
    From turn by turn navigation, online storage, email, and more, Google Android apps give you the best in class features for free. Other carriers will charge you for their "branded applications." At MobileNation, we pass the savings straight to our members and let you use the Google features for free. See Features, 

    Account Management
    The MobileNation member selfcare app is an easy way for you to manage your account right from your wireless phone!

Home Phone

  • Does 911 work on MobileNation’s home phone service?

    Yes, 911 services are supported with the home phone just as they are on any wireless device. Because the device is intended mainly for indoor use, please be prepared to provide your location to the emergency response center responsible for sending first responders (e.g. police, medical assistance, or fire) to your location. The GPS chipset embedded in the home phone device will work best if the device is located near a window or other exterior opening.

  • Do I still need a phone service line when getting MobileNation’s home phone service?

    A landline is not needed for MobileNation home phone service. You can also transfer your number. You would only need landline phone service if you wanted to use a landline service such as a data service (i.e. fax, alarm system, etc.)

  • Can I use my current home phone with MobileNation’s home phone service?

    Yes. The device provides two telephone ports. The ports use the same telephone number. 

    Plug one end of a telephone cable (RJ11) into a telephone port and the other end into the back of a home telephone. This can be the home phone that you already have. 

Home Internet

  • Do I need a landline or cable line?

    With MobileNation Home Internet, you do not need any wires. You will only need an electric outlet available to power the home internet device.



  • How do I sign up for a Lifeline calling plan?

    To qualify with MobileNation, you must meet requirements to receive Lifeline discounts.  Click here for details.

  • What is Lifeline?

    MobileNation is licensed to provide Lifeline discounted service within Kentucky and Tennessee. The Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Federal Universal Service Fund includes the Low Income program, which provides discounts on monthly telephone service to qualifying members. Click here for details.

Member Services

Hours of operation

  • When is member services available?

    Getting help from our award-winning support representatives is easy to do. Contact MobileNation by phone or live chat to order new service, track orders and get member service, billing and tech support.

    Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm

    You can contact them by dialing 611 from your MobileNation phone or by calling 877-732-2147.
    They can also be reached by calling your local retail store and choosing option 1.

Phones, Accessories and Devices

Can you bring your own phone to MobileNation?

  • Can I use a wireless phone from another carrier?

    You can bring your own CDMA phone to MobileNation with no annual service contract, if your device is unlocked - not programmed to work exclusively on another wireless network.
    Find out how you can save with MobileNation Unlimited Everything plans when you bring your own phone to MobileNation.
    There is a $20 cost to having the phone programmed to work on the MobileNation network.  Please see a store for details.

Return Policy

  • How do I return a phone?

    Worry-Free Guarantee –Trial Period:

    Choosing your wireless network is a big decision. We get that. That's why we want you to try us before you commit to a new wireless life. We know you'll be glad you did. A No Contract Member has a 7-day trial period. A Contract Member has a 30-day trial period. If for some reason you need to cancel your service during the trial period, please remember that the phone being returned must be in like new condition and must be accompanied by its original packaging with all original contents, undamaged, proof of purchase, and in good working condition. A restocking fee may be required if all items are not in this condition.

How do I exchange a phone or device?

  • MobileNation Exchange – Trial Period Policy

    At MobileNation, you may exchange your phone once within 7 days for a No Contract Member and up to 30 days for a Contract Member. Phones with more than 500 minutes of usage will not be accepted for an exchange. The phone being exchanged must be in like new condition and must be accompanied by its original packaging with all original contents, undamaged, proof of purchase, and in good working condition. All phone exchanges will be subject to a Restocking Fee of $50, due at the time of exchange.

Android SmartPhones

  • What is the Android™ operating system (OS)?

    Android is an OS created by Google™ for use on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It’s an OS that’s available on devices made by a variety of manufacturers, giving you more choices of device, style and pricing.

  • How can I find out which Android™ OS version is on my device?

    The steps to find the current OS version varies by device. Below are general instructions that work for most Android devices. For detailed instructions about a specific device, please check the device manual.
    To find out which Android OS is on your device:
    1. Open your device’s Settings.
    2. Tap About Phone or About Device.
    3. Tap Android Version to display your version information.

  • Do I need a Google™ Gmail™ account to use an Android™ device?

    No. However, it is highly recommended because many of the services require you to sign in with a Google Gmail account to use them. For example, you won’t be able to access Google Play™ Store to download apps. You can set up a free Google Gmail account online or from your device.

  • What is Google Play™ Store?

    Google Play Store is the Android™ storefront where you can shop for apps, games, music, videos, and books for your Android device. It offers both free and paid apps. Any items you download from Google Play Store will also be available on other compatible Android devices you have connected to your Google™ account.

Apple iPhones


Troubleshooting Tips

  • When calling into member support, should I call from a phone other than the one in question?

    If you are calling with a phone related issue, we’ll be able to provide the quickest service if you call from a phone other than the one in question.

  • What if I am unable to access my voicemail?

    If you are a new MobileNation member and not able to access your voicemail, please enter your seven digit phone number as your password. Detailed voicemail instructions can be found for visual voicemail or for basic voicemail. 

  • How can I increase my phone’s battery life?

    - Turn automatic applications sync off. 
    - Turn Bluetooth® power off.
    - Turn Wi-Fi off.
    - If your phone is equipped, use the Power Saver mode.


    -Charge your new battery for 12 to 14 hours without interruption, with a slow charger. It usually takes about five charge-discharge cycles before the battery accepts a full charge.

    -Press END before turning the phone's power off. Ending a call by turning off the power is hard on the battery.

    -Recharge your battery after one week of non-use.

    -Use a cigarette lighter adapter whenever possible to conserve your battery's power.


    -Store your phone and battery in a battery charger where it's continually recharging.

    -Discharge and recharge your battery frequently.

    -Don’t throw an old battery in the trash. Bring it to a MobileNation store to be recycled properly and safely. Cadmium is especially harmful to the environment and cannot be put into landfills.

    -Leave your phone in direct sunlight.

  • My MobileNation phone won't power on. What should I do?

    Here are a few simple steps to try if your MobileNation wireless phone will not power on.

    - Press and hold the power button.
    - Check the battery (remove and replace it).
    - Try plugging the phone into the charger.
    - If it shows that it's charging, let it charge for awhile.
    - If it shows it's not charging, try a different charger.
    - If none of these steps are working, you may need to bring your phone to any MobileNation retail location or contact Member Services for further assistance.

  • Why can I not make or receive calls?

    If you are unable to make or receive calls on your MobileNation phone:

    - Check the signal strength on your mobile phone to ensure you are receiving a good signal.
    - Check to ensure the “No Service” indicator is not displayed on your mobile phone. If you are receiving a good signal and service, try power cycling your phone by removing the battery while the phone is on, leaving it off for about 3 seconds.
    - Put the battery back in, turn the phone on, and attempt to make your call again.
    - You may need to update the software of your phone by dialing *228 and SEND. When prompted by the operator select option 1 to update your PRL (Preferred Roaming List).

    If none of these steps resolves the issue, please call Member Services from a landline phone at 1-877-732-2147.

  • What happened to my navigation icon?

    Navigation is now a part of Google maps.

    The easiest way to use navigation is through Google Now. Say "navigate to....address...." and away you go. Occasionally it won't understand everything you say so just type the address into Google Now.

    Navigation was always part of Google Maps, and now they are combined into one single app.

  • What does No Service mean on my phone screen?

    The NO SVC or NS (No Service) light will always appear on your display when you first power on your mobile phone. It generally takes a few seconds for your phone to recognize the available signal. If the NO SVC or NS light stays on continually when you are in one location, you may be in an area where it is difficult to pick up a signal, or you may be in an area that is outside the MobileNation Network.

    If you are certain you are within a MobileNation service area when you move outdoors and conditions for reception are good, try to power cycle your phone by removing the battery while the phone is on, leaving it off for about 3 seconds. Put the battery back in, turn the phone on, and attempt to make your call again.

    Also, you may need to update the software of your phone by dialing *228 and SEND, when prompted by the operator select option 1 to update your PRL (Preferred Roaming List). If neither of these steps resolves the issue please call Member Services from a landline phone at 1-877-732-2147.

  • Why do I hear feedback or an echo on my cell phone?

    If you're getting feedback (an echo or "squelch") whenever you talk on your cell phone, try turning down the volume. In some cases, your microphone can hear your earpiece (this is especially true for hands-free car kits). Adjusting your volume to a lower setting should help.

  • Why can't I send or receive text or picture messages?

    Try to power cycle your wireless phone by removing the battery while the phone is on, leaving it off for about 3 seconds. Put the battery back in, turn the phone on, and attempt to send your message again.

    If your messaging is still not working. Please call us at 1-877-732-2147 so we may assist you.

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