Unlimited Everything Plans cannot be shared. However, you can add lines to your account.

It would depend on who they have service with and if their minutes are unlimited or charged by the minute.

With a MobileNation no contract plan, you pay for the cost of your plan in advance. With this, MobileNation does not post bill you for charges generated from 411 or international long distance calls. Funds within the Money Wallet pay for these types of usage. If your services are suspended due to a negative money wallet, these services can be unsuspended by bringing your money wallet positive. If you are currently on a calling plan with a limited number of minutes, service may automatically be reinstated at the beginning of your next billing period. You can add funds to your money wallet by using any of our Selfcare options or by simply visiting a store.

Your Money Wallet must have a positive balance. If it does not, there is a strong chance that a depleted wallet will cause a temporary interruption to one or all of your calling plan features.

Please add funds to your Money Wallet when you activate your phone. Please have at least $5 in your Money Wallet at all times.

Future Money Wallet deposits can be completed by the following options: Visit a local MobileNation store to use cash, check, credit card, or Visa/ MasterCard debit card to add funds. Dial 611 from your MobileNation phone or toll-free 1-877-732-2147 to add funds to your Money Wallet via credit or Visa or MasterCard debit card. Add funds to your Money Wallet online.

No contract plans cannot be shared. However, you can add lines to your account.

You can share your MobileNation mobile broadband connection with other devices. Laptops, music devices, tablets, and e-readers connect to mobile hotspots like they do other WiFi services.  To connect other devices over WiFi, you will need to provide the mobile hotspot network name and password that can be found in the configuration menu of the mobile hotspot feature on your smartphone.

The use of tethering equipment to a mobile computing device and/or the use of WiFi mobile hotspot included on some mobile phones is restricted by calling plan. All current MobileNation Unlimited Everything Plans include FREE tethering and hotspot. Current members can upgrade to a plan that includes this feature by visiting a store or calling 611 from their MobileNation phone. Please see MobileNation Terms and Conditions for complete details.

At MobileNation, data caps are daily not monthly and are dependent on your plan. If daily high-speed data thresholds are reached, data speeds will be reduced to as low as 128KBPS until the following morning.

Most MobileNation plans include unlimited international text messaging. Click here to see a list of the countries that are included within unlimited international text messaging.

At MobileNation, we strive to save our members the most money possible. That is why when you need to call to or from an international location, we suggest that you use Google Voice. To use Google Voice, outside of the U.S., you will need a MobileNation Android phone and have access to an internet WiFi signal (normally available at hotels and resorts). You will also need to download the Google Voice App from your MobileNation Android Phone. Click here to learn more about Google Voice.

Yes, 911 services are supported with the home phone just as they are on any wireless device. Because the device is intended mainly for indoor use, please be prepared to provide your location to the emergency response center responsible for sending first responders (e.g. police, medical assistance, or fire) to your location. The GPS chipset embedded in the home phone device will work best if the device is located near a window or other exterior opening.

A landline is not needed for MobileNation home phone service. You can also transfer your number. You would only need landline phone service if you wanted to use a landline service such as a data service (i.e. fax, alarm system, etc.)

Yes. The device provides two telephone ports. The ports use the same telephone number. Plug one end of a telephone cable (RJ11) into a telephone port and the other end into the back of a home telephone. This can be the home phone that you already have.

With MobileNation home internet, you do not need any wires. You will only need an electric outlet available to power the home internet device.