Getting Started

MobileNation is committed to delivering wireless phone service in an honest and straightforward manner. Our honest and straightforward approach is exactly what you will get when it comes to Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP), which is the ability to bring your phone number (also known as “porting”) with you when you change your service to MobileNation.

Please keep the following in mind:
– Don’t cancel your current service, when your request goes through, your service with your old provider will be canceled automatically.
– If you are under contract with your current provider when you decide to move your number to MobileNation, you will be liable for any early termination fees that may be applied to your account from your current provider.
– Have your account information handy. Having your current provider’s account number can make the request go more smoothly.
– You can keep not only your wireless phone number, you can also keep a landline telephone number when you change to MobileNation.
– Unfortunately, only local numbers can be ported. You cannot move your current number to a different area code if you are moving out of your current area.

Generally, the industry standard is 2.5 hours for a wireless carrier-to-wireless carrier port, and five business days for a simple landline-to-wireless carrier port. Keep in mind these times may vary depending on certain factors.

Unlike other carriers, there is no charge for transferring your current phone number to MobileNation.