We make it simple for you to transfer billing for a single line, or for all of the lines on your account. This is called a Transfer of Billing Responsibility. Here’s how it works: The billing responsibility for your account (phone/device and service) is placed in the new owner’s name, using their credit information. The new owner assumes responsibility for the account, monthly bill and contract. Your upgrade eligibility transfers so the new owner can enjoy your upgrade benefits. You will need to contact Member support to transfer billing responsibility.

Calling plan or feature changes in the middle of a billing cycle (billing cycle is the period of time between billings) will cause prorations. Proration is the cost for the new plan from the date the change is made and credits for the old plan from the date it was changed.

Please be aware that:

– Your billing cycle cannot be changed during the five days before or after the close of your current cycle.
– Your billing cycle cannot be changed if your account is in a delinquent status, or if the account will fall delinquent before the requested change date.
– If you have a payment arrangement set up, the payment arrangement must be made before the billing cycle is changed.
– If you have Autopay, you may see two Autopay drafts in one month due to the billing cycle change.
– When a billing cycle change is made, prorated charges will occur.

You will need to contact MobileNation Member Support to change your bill cycle.

We provide your call, text, and data usage details online 24/7. You can easily view monthly usage details. It can be viewed online through MobileNation Online Selfcare or you can sign up for detailed billing and receive call details on each statement for only $1.99 per month.

Need to update your payment information? We make it easy to update your bank account or debit/credit card information. This can be updated through Selfcare, by contacting Member Services, or by visiting a retail location.

Sign up for Auto Bill Pay to have your monthly statement amount automatically charged to your credit card or withdrawn from a checking account. To sign up for Auto Bill Pay contact MobileNation Member Support at 1-877-732-2147 or by dialing *611 from your MobileNation phone.

MobileNation offers members multiple ways to pay their statements.

-Log in and click the “Forgot Login or Get A New Login.” Once you have entered, please change your username and password by clicking on the “Update user/password.” Update the password fields and save the new password.
-Submit your payment by mail or pay your statement at any MobileNation retail store or participating authorized dealers.
-Dial #729 and pay your statement over the phone. You can pay with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) or with electronic funds transferred from your bank account.

All types of payments can be set up to pull the payment one time or automatically recurring through Auto Bill Pay. We do not accept true debit cards with a PIN but will accept them as credit cards. Payment methods vary depending on where you pay your statement, please check with your local agent or retail location for details. Only credit cards and check are accepted for payment by mail.

-Call us at #729 from your wireless phone if you are in your home service area.
-Call us at 1-877-732-2147 from any phone.
-Check your balance online.
-Visit any retail or agent location to receive information about your account.

-You can call us at *611 from your wireless phone if you are in your home service area.
-You can call us at 1-877-732-2147 from any phone.
-You can also go into any retail or agent location to make any account changes.

The taxes charged on your statement include sales, excise and other taxes, governmental surcharges and fees that we are required by law to bill members.

Your MobileNation statement is due 19 days following your billing cycle date. To find your billing cycle date you may check your statement at online or you can call Member Services at 1-877-732-2147 or *611 from your MobileNation wireless phone.

Data can be measured in kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes.

1 Kilobyte (abbreviated KB ) is equal to 1024 bytes.
1 Megabyte (abbreviated MB ) is equal to 1024 kilobytes.
1 Gigabyte (abbreviated GB ) is equal to 1024 megabytes.

When data is used on your MobileNation wireless device, the usage will be rounded up and billed at the next megabyte(MB) or gigabyte(GB) based on your data plan. To change your data plan, contact Member Support or go to your nearest agent or retail location.