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Throughout February and March, MobileNation teamed up with Thomas Media and Thunderbolt Broadcasting to reward members and prospects with a bonus tax return cash giveaway. Entries could be submitted online or at any of the MobileNation stores in Tennessee and Kentucky. More promotions are set to be announced so keep checking back for more news from MobileNation.
Roberta Y. from Lexington, TN
Alexandria O. from Huntingdon, TN
Lomnie W. from Jackson, TN
James N. from Jackson, TN
Kenneth M. from Lavinia, TN
Stacey G. from Jackson, TN
Emily A. from Jackson, TN
Michael B. from Gleason, TN
Chad Q. from Lexington, TN
Janice K. from Jackson, TN
Frederick I. from Brownsville, TN
Connie R. from Humboldt, TN
Glenda P. from Jackson, TN
Kelly J. from Lawrenceburg, TN
Rebecca W. from Dresden, TN
Charlotte P. from Three Way, TN
Taylar W. from Lexington, TN
Christopher P. from Jackson, TN
Kandie C. from Covington, TN
Libby A. from Lexington, TN
Deb L. from Henderson, Tn
Anthony A. from Jackson, TN
Elizabeth H. from Humboldt, TN
Jamie C. from Selmer, TN
Andrea F. from Humboldt, TN
Kristen D. from Lexington, TN
Jerrie B. from Jackson, TN
Michael C. from Union City, TN
Terry D. from Sharon, TN
Angie S. from Union City, TN
Teresa H. from Martin, TN
Amy S. from Martin, TN
Keri A. from Martin, TN
Macy C. from Union City, TN

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